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1St IICLLTC 2012

The 1st Indonesia International Conference on Linguistics, Language Teaching and Culture

Organized by

Department of English

Faculty of Letters

Pamulang University



Welcome to 1st IICLLTC

Date : June 27 – 29, 2012

Venue : UNPAM Auditorium

The 1st IICLLTC organized by the Department of English, Faculty of Letters, Pamulang University is an opportunity to help each other become more knowledgeable and professional. The conference aims to look at how linguistics, language, teaching and culture could improve the quality of education of a nation/state for future directions.

1st IICLLTC brings together local and international academics, educators, planners and language teaching professionals to exchange ideas by participating in lively discussions.

Share your experience and knowledge with us in the areas of the following:

1. Linguistics

Linguistics is the study of language concerning human communication. It includes pure linguistics which deals with the study of structure of language and applied linguistics which deals with how to apply technique in language teaching

2. Language Teaching

Language teaching concerns with how language being taught to students especially as second or foreign language. It is also concerns with methodologies and approaches in giving materials to the learners.

3. Literature

Literature defined as the study of human expression in written form. This literary work mainly contains story of human life. There are many forms of literary work, especially prose, poetry and drama.

4. Culture

Culture is the share, belief, knowledge, custom and norm that exist in society. Culture is transmitted from one generation to next generation. It deals with individual, community or organization in certain environment.

Submission Type

General Paper: A general reports current research and issues related to four areas: linguistics, language teaching, literature and culture. These include mainly research result and have a maximum of 5.000 words. Submissions should introduce the research area and present recent result. And abstract of 250 words is required followed by the full paper once the abstract is accepted.

Posters: Posters involve a visual presentation of ideas. These contain implementation information or work-in-progress and have two pages with a maximum of 1,250 words besides the poster itself (or demonstration) that will be exposed at the conference. Presenters may choose a display a 3- to 8- page paper as a single poster that explains their project or post their hypothesis and an outline of their findings. An abstract of 250 words is required.

Workshops: Workshop or Tutorials can be proposed by scholars or company representatives. These hands-on sessions are 60 minutes. Workshop presenters give short statements before involving the audience in some type of activity. An abstract of 250 words is required describing the requirements and prerequisites, plan of work and outcomes of the workshop.




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